10 Extra Grocery Costs You Are Not Aware Of

Shredded Cheese

When you go grocery shopping, you can buy 32 ounces of medium cheddar cheese in a block for $7.99, which means you will spend around 25 cents per ounce. But when you go for the shredded medium cheddar cheese of the same brand, you will pay $3.29 for 8 ounces, or 41 cents per ounce.

The shredded cheese comes with a higher price, simply because it’s already shredded, so you are paying for the extra labor required to shred the cheese. So, you can save money by buying cheese that comes in a block, which you can shred by yourself. It may be worthwhile to buy shredded cheese when you want a special mix of cheese that, obviously, it’s not available in a block. Otherwise, you will save money if you just put in a little work in shredding the cheese.

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