10 Most Relaxing Paint Color Ideas According to an Interior Designer

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You know that pouring yourself a hot cup of tea, listening to your favorite low-key music, or taking a walk through the park can be therapeutic and calming for your heart, mind, and soul. But did you know that simply being surrounded by certain relaxing colors can potentially have a similar effect?

This science is referred to as “color psychology,” and the idea is that every color on the spectrum can impact our mood in a certain way.

This is why companies spend so much time figuring out the exact color of their logo or font, and why choosing the right paint color ideas for the nursery, bedroom, or living room is so important.

Color can affect your mindset, your concentration, your mood, and, yes, your ability to relax. Modern science believes this burst of emotion is usually short-lived, and that empirical evidence still needs to be collected for a more comprehensive understanding since it’s ultimately a subjective topic.

With the help of an interior designer who knows a thing or two about color, we’re sharing 10 hues that can make you feel calmer just by looking at them.

Whether you’ve got serious plans to paint a room in your home or you’re just fantasizing about taking the paint plunge, heed this advice!

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