10 Stylish Interior Trends That Could Devalue Your Home

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Shower area and room facilities

When starting a new home project, many people or home developers choose to build bigger rooms, but the smallest space belongs to the bathroom area where they opt for a shower room. Of course, shower rooms or walk-in showers are really elegant and look luxurious, but this could reduce your target market because there are many people who want a bath and flexibility when making daily necessities so they won’t choose your house. 

“Niche developers who are building one property at a time, tend to leave little space for wet room facilities. They put in shower rooms which actually reduces their target market. Many buyers want the flexibility of having a bath. You could think, ‘well surely you could add a bath’ but many clients looking for the finished article, haven’t got the desire, nor the time to do this,” said Matthew Turner, CEO of Astute Property Search.

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Recessed devices and appliances

When you want to sell your beloved place, you should take into consideration that the price of a house will be set according to the space that can be habitable. So, if you opt for recessed devices and appliances, such as televisions or lighting, the walls will be brought forward to install them and this could shrink your space. 

“Not long ago I valued a 1,700 sq. ft. house. In the owners’ minds they were sitting on a house worth up to $5,000,000, but I measured the house at 1,470 sq. ft. On studying the floor plans it became clear – they wanted the walls to be made flat and soundproofed. So to allow the fitting of hidden recessed wall edge lighting, recessed televisions the walls were brought forward. By doing this they paid their architect to lose them a theoretical hundred of thousands of dollars worth of resale value,” said James Robinson, general manager at Lurot Brand.

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