10 Stylish Interior Trends That Could Devalue Your Home

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Smart home technology

The truth is that there are certain devices that could connect to the internet and control your entire house just by pressing some buttons or speaking with robots, but this technology is not for everyone. Even though you invest a lot of money on smart devices, such as lights, doorbells, speakers, window blinds, cameras and the list goes on, it should paradoxically reduce the value of your home. 

How is that possible? There are many people who can’t handle these high-tech mechanisms and they won’t pay for something that they don’t want to use. Some people prefer only old technology and want to make sure that everything is safe in their house. 

“Some developers focus too heavily on technology, installing the latest systems such as advanced lighting controls and complicated sound systems. This can reduce the value of a property as buyers often feel that they are paying for a system that they will never use and actually prefer good old fashioned switches and dimmers or simpler technology,” said Caspar Harvard-Walls, partner at Black Brick. 

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Hanging art on the walls

Hanging artwork at the right height is essential in every home and you should always opt for this stylish idea. But, when you want to sell your house, you shouldn’t choose quote art on your walls, because they will lose their motivation and effect. 

“‘Live, Laugh, Love’ either framed or stenciled on to the wall will soon lose its motivational effect. Instead, hang your favorite paintings or photographs which will evoke the same emotions and remind you to keep smiling in a far more personal way,” said Branch.

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