10 Things You Should Never Do at a Fancy Restaurant

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Don’t pretend that you’re a wine connoisseur

If you aren’t a wine connoisseur, then don’t act like one because you will look really awkward. “Seriously, if you don’t know about wine, that’s why they have sommeliers there or wine stewards to guide you,” says Napier-Fitzpatrick. “If you’re pretending to be a wine expert, you’re just making a fool out of yourself and will probably spill the wine on the table.”

Instead, to avoid this awkward situation, you can ask the sommelier for a good bottle of wine and he will know what is recommended for your dish. If you think that it is too expensive for your budget, then point at the menu to a cheaper alternative and say that you want something along those lines. After this, “all you have to do is pick up the glass by the stem, not the bowl, and take a little taste,” Napier-Fitzpatrick says.


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You should order something that’s easy to eat

As we said before, going to a fancy restaurant isn’t always about the food that you eat, but about the atmosphere and conversations. In other words, you are here because you want to attend an important event, such as a business meeting or a special date with your partner. In this sense, you aren’t here to order certain foods that are hard to eat and could distract you from your conversation. 

“It’s about having conversations and it’s about the social aspect of it,” says Napier-Fitzpatrick. “So order something that’s easy to eat — with a knife and fork.”

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