11 Items in Your Refrigerator You Better Throw Away Right Now

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Say bye-bye to foods stored without a lid

We all do this sometimes, store certain items inside the refrigerator without a lid, and then we wonder whether it will make us sick or not. Maybe you opened a can of tomato paste a week ago to make pasta or left a fruit yogurt open for you to eat later, but you ended up forgetting about it for a few days.

Even though it might not make you sick, those products will definitely not have the same taste as they did when you used them for the first time, so Dinner 2.0 is likely to look and taste a little different.

Let’s not forget that refrigerators are giant food dehydrators, so everything you store without a lid and gets exposed to the air will likely dry out and lose its flavor at the same time. In fact, food can maintain its flavor for a longer period of time when it’s being stored in a glass or plastic container that is completely sealed, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.

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