11 Items in Your Refrigerator You Better Throw Away Right Now

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Do not store homemade salad dressings for too long

There’s a huge difference between homemade salad dressing and commercially prepared salad dressings. While it’s true that those salad dressings that can be found in stores can be consumed for almost three months after opening the bottle, homemade dressings are a whole other story.

Since they’re made from scratch from things you might have at home, they are more perishable, so their shelf life is two weeks at most. In order to keep track and avoid putting a spoiled dressing on your salad, Yavelak recommends using permanent markers to label the bottle.

So make sure to write down the date of purchase, and the date of opening it, so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. By labeling your containers, you’re reducing food waste and excessive shopping.

“It’s an easy habit to adopt and takes very little time. On waste-collection day, I scan my refrigerator shelves, check the open dates, and toss items according to the guidelines in the FoodKeeper app.”

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