11 Items in Your Refrigerator You Better Throw Away Right Now

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Throw away foods you’ve double-dipped

It would be recommended to not store foods in the refrigerator after dipping or taking a few forkfuls out of them. I understand that sometimes it can be hard to finish certain foods, especially if you open a big tuna salad suitable for two people. However, Schaffner explains that food waste could be contaminated with pathogens.

“Staphylococcus aureus is commonly found in and around people’s noses,” he said, “and it could be transmitted to foods by sneezing or by cross-contamination from nose to hands to food.”

In order to keep foods pathogen-free, it would be recommended to transfer individual portions using a clean serving spoon and make sure to throw them away if you can’t eat everything on your plate. While it’s understandable that you want to avoid food waste, you need to make sure you’re using smaller portions and keep the rest stored safely in the refrigerator.

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