11 Luxe Bath Rituals to Steal from Celebrities

How to Bathe Like a Celebrity

Celebs know how to get crazy in the club, but as it turns out, they also know how to get loose in the tub as well. OK, sorry, sorry, but in all seriousness, people like Kim Kardashian, January Jones, Emma Watson, and Mariah Carey seriously know how to take a bath. That might be because they all seem to look at their bathing rituals as non-negotiable self-care, or, who knows, maybe they just like a good bath Instagram.

Either way, we are definitely not mad at these bath-happy celebs—and the revelations about how best to bathe which they leave behind in their wake (or, if you like, their bath water). Ahead, discover Kardashian’s favorite bath oil, Jones’ recipe for a bangin’ detox bath (which she learned about from a doctor in Santa Fe one time), Watson’s affinity for baths (she sometimes takes them three times a day!), and Carey’s can’t stop, won’t stop attitude about diamonds in the bath.

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