12 Cool Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

Communications director for video game company

Growing up in California, Rachel Caswell says it was often too hot to play outside. That meant video games indoors with her brother. She played Sega Genesis, Tetris, and Super Mario. (Despite what you may have heard, video games can be good for your health.) Caswell originally went to college for fashion design and journalism, but then one day while walking home from work, a car hit her. Briefly unconscious, she ended up the emergency room after a stranger called 911.

Even though she went home with minor injuries, her medical bills piled up and she decided to take a break from college to pay off her debts.In one of her jobs after the accident, she worked as a secretary for a magazine that was looking for video game reviewers. Caswell volunteered and was successful; that role led to promotions within the industry over the next 11 years. Caswell is now the director of global communications for 505 Games where she handles consumer communication, public relations, and global strategy. Now 33, Caswell makes over a $100,000 per year.As for her degree, she never went back.

She was honest with her hiring managers over the years to let them know her path. She has now paid off both her medical bills and the school loans she took out way back when.Interested in getting into video game communications? Caswell advises reaching out to people you know in the industry while developing good writing skills and demonstrating dedication.Salary: Salaries for communication directors vary depending on the company you work for. According to Glassdoor, the national average is $120,000. Suggested skills: knowledge of media industry, excellent communication, writing proficiency, understanding of gamer lifestyle, relationship building expertise

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