12 Dividend-paying Stocks That Will Boost Your Retirement Income

If you’ve paid any attention to the news lately, you’ve probably seen the surprising developments of GameStop stocks over the last couple of weeks. When popular social media platform Reddit rallied against hedge funds, nobody could have expected this outcome.

Of course, the situation is still developing, which some outlets vilifying the common people behind GameStop’s surge while coming to the aid of rich hedge fund managers.

We’re not here to take sides. Instead, we’re going to use this opportunity to talk about investments and streams of income you should focus on for your retirement. In 2021, it’s best to focus your hard-earned money on stocks that pay dividends.

You should make sure that part of your portfolio revolves around high-quality companies. That’s why today we’re going to list some that can provide you with predictable growing dividend income. After all, during your golden years, you’ll want safe dividends that grow in value over time.


While Coca-Cola is best known for selling sodas, the company has been diversifying by selling juices, coffee, energy drinks, dairy beverages, and even water. With nearly two dozen billion-dollar brands, there’s a good reason why you should consider them when shopping around for dividend-paying stocks.

Their market value sits at $234.0 billion while their dividend yield is at 3%. With a dividend growth streak of 58 impressive years, there’s no doubt that right now, Coca-Cola might be just the right safe investment option for you!

You might think that soda consumption might decline over the coming years, but since the company has started dipping its tows in other markets, most experts believe that their earnings will only grow in the foreseeable future.

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