12 Out of the Box Money-saving Tips You Need to Try!

There are, arguably, a ton of ways to save money out there. From depositing pennies into a piggy bank to tackling the stock market in hopes of big wins, we’ve all heard all the usual tips.

But if you want to be a really clever consumer and super saver then, sometimes, you have to use alternative methods of saving money.

That’s why today we’ve compiled a list of unusual yet clever hacks you can apply to your day to day life in order to save money. Don’t believe us? Read on, start using them regularly and watch as you spend less money on a weekly or monthly basis.

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1. Scan Grocery Receipts for Cash Back

Done shopping? Don’t crumble that receipt! Hold on to it until you get home and then whip out your phone in order to scan it.

Apps like Checkout 51 and Ibotta will give you cashback on grocery store purchases. It doesn’t take long at all to set either of them up and you could earn cashback starting from $5 on every shopping trip, so it’s well worth it. The money will soon start adding up, and those few extra dollars in your pocket could end up saving you in a pinch!

2. Buy Prescription Drugs at Costco Without a Membership

Prescription drugs can be very pricey, and trying to save on them can feel like an uphill battle. But did you know you can save a ton of money by purchasing them from Costco?

You don’t even need to get a membership in order to take advantage of their low prices. So, if you don’t have a membership and you don’t plan on getting one, skip the $60 fee and enjoy their competitive prices today!

3. Get More Ink Out of Your Printer

We all know printer ink can be very expensive. And we all know that dreaded feeling when you want to print a document in black and white but you actually can’t because you’re out of cyan!

However, if you’re ever out of black ink or toner, a good idea is to change your text color to a dark blue. Also, make sure to use thin fonts in order to use less ink. With these two techniques, you’ll be able to print a few more pages before going in for a refill.

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