13 Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making at Home

Using the Same Cloth to Clean an Entire Space

When it comes to cleaning your home, conserving time, and materials by using the same cloth for an entire space is the wrong way to go. You’re actually doing yourself a disservice by spreading germs from one room to the next, such as from your kitchen to your bathroom or worse, the other way around!

Buy sets of cleaning cloths, preferably multicolored so that each room gets a color. Once you’re done with your cleaning, throw them in the washer- rinse and repeat… literally!

Neglecting Your Kitchen Handles and Knobs

When it’s time to clean the kitchen, most people focus on the fridge, dishes, countertops, and sink… but what about doorknobs, pulls, and handles!?

These are, by far, some of the dirties spots that you need to scrub clean. Just think of how often you touch them and how long it’s been since you’ve given them a deep cleaning!

Plain soapy water or a gentle household cleaner work best. If you do use soapy water, dry the handles afterward in order to get rid of water stains so that your kitchen will look like a million bucks!

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