13 Things People Subconsciously Do Around Rude People

It’s kind of heartbreaking to think about ourselves as the rude, unfriendly person in a group, right? We don’t typically think that way because, well, it’s unlikely that our ‘friends’ would tell us they find us annoying. And without telling you, how are you supposed to know?

Most people don’t like confrontation. On top of that, there’s really never a good time to tell someone they’re rude to their face unless someone wants to ruin a get together. Doing it face to face in a more private setting is even less likely. Since they don’t like you, why would they go out of their way to meet up?

So if nobody’s willing to tell you the truth about how you’re making them feel, it’s no wonder you’ll think you’re kind, amazing, funny and fun to be around. Want to find out, though? Here are 13 things to look out for when interacting with the people closest to you. Their body language might give it all away. And then? You can start working on addressing some of the issues you think might be happening.

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