14 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Brand New


“Driving off the lot reduces the value of the vehicle by several thousand dollars,” says Kristin Tucker, financial coach at Family HomeWorks. She recommends purchasing a newer pre-owned model but not before making sure it has been checked by a mechanic. Zoriy Birenboym, CEO of eAutoLease.com, says it can be a smart decision to buy a used vehicle during times of uncertainty, either for you personally or for the economy in general, and nothing spells uncertainty like the current coronavirus pandemic.

In such a situation, purchasing a used car and having a low debt, or not at all, “would probably be the best thing. Just in case if things get worse you don’t owe anybody anything, and if there’s a problem keeping the insurance policy active, you surrender the plates and hold the car parked for a better brighter day!” Just make sure you are aware of these 7 Car Dealer Tricks Used at End-of-Year Sales.

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