15 Things About ALDI Stores That No One Tells You

For many shoppers who are serious about spending less on groceries, a trip to discount supermarket Aldi is a weekly ritual. The chain, founded in Germany, credits its rock-bottom prices to low labor and operating costs, a limited selection of mostly inexpensive private brands, and a no-frills store design.

Merchandise is often stacked in the aisles and sold straight from the cardboard box it was shipped in. Essentially, it’s a grocery store that’s the size of a convenience store.

If there isn’t an Aldi near you, don’t be surprised if one pops up soon. With 1,800 stores already up-and-running in 35 states, the discount grocery chain has embarked on an aggressive growth strategy. It includes dedicating $5 billion to remodeling existing storefronts and expanding to 2,500 stores nationwide by 2022.

Aldi is also increasing its fresh food selection by 40% with vegan options, organic meats and refrigerated beverages.

Never shopped at Aldi before? Here’s what you need to know before your first trip!

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