15 Things You Should Be Getting Rid of This Winter

During typical years, we spend more time indoors during winter. 2020 has been anything but a typical year yet due to COVID-19, we’re about to spend even more days indoors.

Maybe it’s time to put all of those extra hours to good use and one place to start is to clean up your home. The Holiday season will feel a lot more comfortable and cozy if you tackle decluttering now. If you won’t be able to visit family, having a well-organized home could be your next big project, something to look forward to. It will help keep those feelings of isolation at bay while opening up space for new and exciting things.

Who knows, maybe next month you could reorganize your entire living room!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Baby steps! That’s why today we decided to look at some things that professional organizers get rid of before winter. This should jumpstart your de-cluttering process and, who knows, maybe spring cleaning will come early.

Let’s take a look at what you can start saying goodbye to!

A crumbling fall wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the holiday season! If you’ve decorated your front door with a fall wreath then it’s time to double-check that it’s not coming apart. You may not have used your front door much these past couple of months, but that doesn’t mean your wreath is still intact.

If leaves start falling out then it’s time for it to go. We (and professional organizers) think it’s time to swap it out with a juniper pine wreath. This classic wreath will be easy to decorate come Christmas and we promise, once yours is all set up, you’ll forget about the fall one in no time.

Disintegrating party supplies

How many old party supplies have you held on to in the hopes of saving up money during future parties? Even if it’s unlikely that you’ll host a big New Year’s celebration for 2021, we still think it’s worth decluttering your party supply bin.

Everything that’s broken or that could use an upgrade should be transferred from your party bin to the trash bin. From Halloween decorations to Independence Day decorations, there’s no point in keeping any items that are not in top shape.

Swap them out for fashionable black and gold supplies in time for New Year’s!

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