17 Social Distancing Ideas During the COVID-19 Pandemic

10. Learn a New Language

This one may be a little heartbreaking for those who had to give up their vacations due to the pandemic. Were you planning on a trip to Europe, Asia, maybe Latin America? You can’t leave the house, nevermind the country, so why not try and pick up a new language instead?

Learning a new language is a surefire way of getting introduced to a new culture. Plus, it’s always great to be able to communicate with people from that region. The next time you’re planning on going to Paris, you could impress the people around you with your French skills!

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to get started. There are a ton of online classes, both free and paid that you can sign up for. There are even apps you can get on your phone and tablet to help out. Doing this would also offer you a routine, which should help keep boredom at bay.

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