19 Suburbs in USA for a Carefree Retirement


As you approach the end of your career, you might want to relocate in retirement. After all, the right place for you and your family while you’re working isn’t always the ideal location to spend your golden years. And if you want to retire enjoying the amenities of city life, you might have to make some tough choices.

Some places are too expensive for retirees, particularly larger cities where basic necessities can add up fast. But if you’re looking to retire in a place that offers aspects of city life without blowing your nest egg on housing, the suburbs can be an excellent compromise.

Close enough to the city that you can drive into the city for an evening but far enough away that the cost of living isn’t going to deplete your nest egg, the best suburbs for retirees are home to many seniors. But just how much should you plan on spending when you do find a senior-friendly suburb? That’s what we set out to find when we examined what it costs to live in the best suburbs for retirees — looking at the average costs for rent, healthcare and other basic necessities — to get a sense of what a bare-bones might require.

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