19 Things Your Doctor Doesn’t Want to Hear From You

Respect the expert’s opinion

It’s not easy becoming a doctor. It takes years of hard studying, training and dedication. A good doctor-patient relationship is governed by respect for that dedication and hard work and trust in your doctor’s experience and skills.

With the fast pace of medical visits nowadays and even online medical appointments growing in popularity, it’s extremely important to maximize your time with medical specialists. One way to do that is not saying these stupid things that most doctors, including yours, absolutely hate hearing. And repeat after me: Google is not a doctor!

I know what’s wrong with me…

Oh, you do? Then why come to the doctor then? According to Prevention, a provider of trustworthy health information for over seventy years, “most doctors cringe” when they hear their patients saying something like this.

Just because you’ve done some research on Google and identified some symptoms doesn’t mean you know the exact cause of your medical problem. Keep your guesses to yourself and let the specialists do their job and find out what’s wrong, if anything, based on your medical history and symptoms. No one appreciates being told how to do their job. Would you?

I don’t know what medications I’m taking…

You don’t have to go to medical school to remember what medications you’re taking. If you know your memory might fail you, make a list with whatever medications, vitamins or supplements you’re using so the doctor could take a look.

This is all the more important if your doctor’s appointment is an online one, says a tip sheet provided by University of Chicago Medicine, a non-for-profit academic medical health system in Illinois. Prescriptions, bottles of medication or supplements, whatever needs to be prescribed again – make sure you have them all there for the doctor to see.

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