20 Lifetime Movies To Get You Through A Breakup

No matter how your relationship ended, ended it has. It’s a sad, angry, confusing time. And, you should feel all those feelings. Your friends are going to try to make you feel better.

“It’s gonna be okay,” they’ll say. “We’ll take you out to meet so many new babes!” But we both know that’s not the solution. In addition to whatever coping mechanism you’ve chosen to get through this heartache (ice cream, hitting the treadmill, cry-singing along to Beyonce albums), there’s no fix for a broken heart quite like a Lifetime movie. Lifetime’s treasure trove of A-listers’ first roles, seedy plot lines, and emotional roller-coastering is exactly the kinda of cheesy pick-me-up you need.Ahead, we’ve tallied the 20 best Lifetime movies perfect for your breakup. Hang in there.

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