These Signs Prove That You Are Too Negative

Social media stresses you out

If hopping on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram and seeing the good times others are having makes your blood temperature—you find yourself wanting to comment, “must be nice” below your friends’ vacation photos—you might be a bit too negative. Wathen emphasizes that social media can stress out a negative person, who views things in extremes, assuming that others are enjoying life more than they are.

“No one has a perfect Instagram Story life, so when we believe the parts that make us view our own lives, friends and family as not cool, fun or posh enough we diminish what is front of us,” she says. “Why can’t others vacation in the South of France? It isn’t a reflection on you unless you let it become one. We have zero idea what happened before or after the picture was taken or what is really going on in other people’s lives, so stop obsessing. It just highlights our own displeasure with our current life.”

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