Top 12 Best Spots to Retire in the Midwest

Madison, Wisconsin

Population: 634,269

Share of population 65+: 12.8%

Cost of Living: 7.6% above the national average

Average Income for Households 65+: $47,822

Community Score: 65.3

State’s Tax Rating for Retirees: Least Tax Friendly

The Badger State capital and home to the University of Wisconsin, Madison has a strong economic base to support a thriving retirement. That’s part of what makes it the second-best city for successful aging among 100 large metro areas, according to the Milken Institute. Other winning attributes: an abundance of quality health care, academic and other opportunities afforded by the university, and plenty of museums, libraries and recreational facilities.

A downside: Living costs are fairly high for a Midwestern city. Housing- and health-related expenses are 9.4% and 22.9% above average, respectively. Be sure your nest egg is up to the task. If it is, you’ve found a great place to retire.

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