Top 12 Best Spots to Retire in the Midwest

Naperville, Illinois

Population: 9.5 million**

Share of population 65+: 11.0%

Cost of Living: 0.4% above the national average*

Average Income for Households 65+: $76,609

Community Score: 59.5**

State’s Tax Rating for Retirees: Mixed

Part of the sprawling Chicago metro area, along with nearby Joliet, this suburb lets you take a step back from city living while keeping you close enough to enjoy its benefits whenever you’d like. Naperville (city population: 147,682) offers a pedestrian-friendly downtown loaded with shops and restaurants, as well as the 1.75-mile Riverwalk.

The ride from Naperville to Chicago’s Union Station is about an hour, and people 65 and over qualify for reduced fares on the Metra commuter-rail system. Once in the city, you can relish everything that makes Chicago famous, including its food, bars, beaches, architecture, sports teams and art scene.

*Based on cost of living in Joliet-Will County.**Based on Chicago metro area data.

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