Top 12 Best Spots to Retire in the Midwest

St. Louis

Population: 2.8 million

Share of population 65+: 14.8%

Cost of Living: 9.3% below the national average

Average Income for Households 65+: $49,888

Community Score: 60.0

State’s Tax Rating for Retirees: Mixed

The Gateway to the West can be a nice retirement destination, especially if you’re looking to rein in costs. Housing is particularly affordable with the city’s median home value at a mere $120,900, compared with $141,200 for the state and $184,700 for the nation as a whole.

But low costs don’t limit opportunities for living it up. Foodies can enjoy an eclectic collection of dining options, many influenced by the various ethnic groups that call the city home. (Italian-influenced toasted ravioli is a local favorite.) What to wash it all down with? Beer, naturally.

Home to Anheuser-Busch, as well as a growing crop of craft breweries and brew pubs, St. Louis takes suds seriously. And to balance out all that good food and spirits, explore the area’s hundreds of parks and miles of trails and waterways. St. Louis also has an abundance of health care facilities, more than 40 establishments per 1,000 seniors in the metro area, double the U.S. average.

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