Things Everyone Should Do Before New Year’s Eve

Unsubscribe/Take a Social Media Timeout

Everyone is always talking about unplugging (and for good reason). Our brains need a break from the never-ending flood of information that comes from our gadgets.

Even if you can’t live without your phone, take a few smaller steps. Start with your e-mail: It’s time to unsubscribe from all those lists you’ve gotten yourself on over the years. Speaking of being unaware, let’s talk about social media. Most people have developed a love/hate relationship with various platforms yet still check them obsessively.

But there are several ways to cut back. You could delete the apps from your phone and only check them when you have access to a computer. Or try playing with your screen time settings to set limitations on how much you use your apps.

If you’re feeling antsy about being away from your beloved phone, try journaling, which has been proven to ease anxiety and help people sleep better.

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