12 Best Ways to Make New Friends as An Adult

Start volunteering

A good way to find like-minded people you have something in common with is by getting involved in causes that matter to you. That doesn’t mean you’ll make friends with—or even like—everyone who wants to save the whales, but it does mean you will be putting yourself in the company of people who care about the same things you do. That common denominator can make conversation easy, and lead to long-term, meaningful friendships.

Life coach, Alexandra Jamieson, recommends rolling up your sleeves and volunteering for a charity, or movement, that speaks to you. “Women thrive when we connect more, and have a secret superpower, called ‘tend and befriend’. We befriend, by seeking out friends for support, in times of stress. Women also ‘tend,’ or take care, the vulnerable or hurt person, to help them heal, and recover. Volunteering provides an opportunity to do both things,” she explains.

“Researchers suspect that endorphins (hormones that help alleviate pain) and oxytocin (the ‘bonding and love’ hormone) may play an important role in establishing this pattern. Women release both when we emote: laughing, crying, excited talking, all contribute to these bonding and relaxing hormones. Endorphin’s main function is to cause lasting happiness and satisfaction,” she adds.

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