12 Best Ways to Make New Friends as An Adult

Use the web to join new groups

Five thousand Facebook friends do not equal the quality of one, face-to-face compadre you make time for, can count on, and can trust. Social networking sites do, however, present opportunities for reinvigorating old friendships, or for making friends as an adult, and taking them offline.

Also, don’t overlook Meetup—a website where groups and clubs of every possible description are formed, and looking for members. With a free Meetup membership, you can join groups, from bird watching to wine tasting to scuba diving, in your local area. You can join as many, or as few as you want, but the trick is to actually attend outings. The more outings you attend, the more you will get to know the other members. Considering scaling back on the time you spend on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

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