8 Stories of People Who Doubled Their Income

He Learned From Past Failures

Jon Bradshaw of Appointment.com said he never would have been able to double his income without learning the hard lessons he did when a previous business venture failed.

“While it sounds awful — and at the time, it was devastating to myself, my team and my family — it took that experience to push me to work harder to find a business problem that was in desperate need of an innovative solution,” he said. “While my previous business was in a traditional business segment, meaning it was something people wanted, I quickly realized that needs change and there were numerous other companies already doing the same thing.”

Why This Worked

“Those lessons led me to focus on the freelancer, startup founder and small business owner that didn’t seem to have the same number of choices for products and services that solved their issues,” said Bradshaw. “By developing an online invoice and payments company, and now, a rapidly growing calendar and time management platform and app, I have been able to deliver a solution that helps a larger part of the workforce for years to come, and that has more than doubled my income.”

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