9 Sneaky Tactics Retailers Use to Trick You into Making a Purchase

Free shipping

Picture this: you’re at a grocery store picking up a loaf of bread. The cashier says the bread costs $2, but in order for you to take it home, you’re going to have to pay $3. You’d immediately put that loaf of bread back where you found it, right?

Free shipping works in much the same way. Consumers are far more likely to make a purchase if they don’t have to pay extra, and online retailers know this. In fact, this is the most effective way they can trick us into buying anything, even stuff we don’t want or need!

How many times have you visited a site that advertised free shipping for orders over a certain amount? Then you look at your cart and, surprise surprise, you’re a few dollars short. Most of us go

back to browsing, adding items to our list that we had no intention of buying before. Next day delivery advertisements fit in this category too. Sellers know we don’t like waiting for items we’ve already paid for, and they’re using our impatience to line their pockets even further.
Next time you’re about to scoff at delivery costs, ask yourself whether it’s worth adding another item to your cart or not and if you really need it anyway.

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