9 Sneaky Tactics Retailers Use to Trick You into Making a Purchase

Countdown clocks

Countdown clocks work similarly to limited availability reminders. These are mostly used around the holiday season, especially during Cyber Monday. The anxiety shoppers feel when faced with these huge banners are designed to make them add items to a cart as fast as possible. That way, we have less time to really think about a purchase.
One strategy is to remind yourself that there’s hardly ever a time limit to good deals. With sufficient time and patience, you could find whatever you wish on various other websites if one countdown reaches zero.

You should start your online shopping spree with an open mind. What I also like to do is to add all my items to a cart, then set an alarm for a few minutes before time runs out. If by then I’m still interested in those items, then I’ll go ahead and buy them. If not it probably means I got spooked into clicking on them, and my heart’s not in the purchase. It’s a lot easier to let go of unwanted items this way.

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