9 Sneaky Tactics Retailers Use to Trick You into Making a Purchase

One-click checkout

Fast checkout processes are all the rage these days! Websites are trying to make your experience that much smoother by removing as many steps when placing your order, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. However, this is also yet another way in which you’re not given the appropriate amount of time to consider the contents of your shopping cart.

The less time you have to ponder, the less likely you’re gonna x cross something out, right? A survey even showed that as many as 89% of shoppers prefer using Amazon because their ‘quick buy’ function is faster than on any other website.
Go ahead, take advantage of this and don’t waste any more time. But before you do, make sure to check out a website’s return policy. If you later regret your decision, make sure you can get your money back.
All in all, fast purchases don’t give us enough time to think, causing us to buy things we might not be that interested in after all.

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