9 Sneaky Tactics Retailers Use to Trick You into Making a Purchase

Reminder ads and pop-ups

Tracking customer engagement online isn’t especially new… and it looks like it’s something we should all get used to. Websites will analyze your traffic and show you appropriate ads tailored just for you in order to get you to visit them again.

That set of towels you just looked at? Whether or not you’ve purchased them, you’re likely to see them pop up in various banners around the internet anyway.
Email reminders are also used frequently. If you had to sign up to finish a purchase, you’ll most likely get bombarded with promotional material until you chose to unsubscribe or change your account settings.

It’s difficult to say how effective ads truly are. Many consumers fall down the rabbit hole- some even say the ads remind them of a purchase they were unsure of, so they went back to finalize. Others have stated that the more they’re reminded to buy something, the less likely they are to do so.
One thing’s for sure. Algorithms are getting better and better at showing you things you might be interested in. The more you browse and shop, the more these online retailers will know how to target you.

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