14 Things You Should Definitely Spend Your Money On

12. A Safe Baby Car Seat

We strongly recommend you buy a brand new car seat for your baby! Hand-me-downs, while cheaper, could be extremely dangerous. Safety for your child, especially when they’re in the car with you, should be your top priority.

So how does that translate into toddler car seat features? Well, before deciding on a model check the expiration date. If it’s nowhere to be seen, skip that particular seat entirely and look elsewhere. This will significantly narrow down your search. It might seem strange, but that’s because the materials used could get weaker in time and you want the sturdiest, safest seat for your baby!

You’ll want one with straps that fit snuggly and that you could adjust freely. Impact- absorption foam is equally important. Head support and side protection should also be at the top of your priority list.

It’s also very important to do your research. Check the manufacturer’s website for research regarding side impact protection as this is sadly overlooked from time to time.

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