The Best 12 Online Grocery Delivery Services While You’re Staying Home

ShopRite From Home

If you’re looking for a fully personalized shopping experience without leaving your living room then you should look into ShopRite From Home. A personal shopper will keep in contact with you while they gather up your items and might even inquire about the thickness of the deli meat you’ve ordered in addition to looking for substitutes.

The service usually costs $10, whether you plan on picking your order up or having it delivered to your door. But even the pick-up option is hassle-free, as the locations are usually near supermarket entrances. In terms of delivery fees, they vary depending on your area, but you shouldn’t be surprised if there are none!

Products are sold at the same prices as they are in the supermarkets and you can even look for sales and deals to cut costs down even further. All you need is a loyalty card!

If you’re planning on buying in bulk or even if you’re looking for small appliances and electronics, then ShopRite From Home is perfect for you if you live in one of the 48 contiguous states except for California.

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