10 Extra Grocery Costs You Are Not Aware Of

Refrigerated Orange Juice

Who doesn’t love orange juice? It’s a healthy and refreshing juice, that can give you an energy and immunity boost in no time. So how can you save money when buying orange juice? While a can of frozen orange juice concentrate is available at a price of $2.29, and it makes 48 ounces of juice (so you pay around 4.8 cents per ounce), a 64 ounce carton of chilled orange juice from concentrate costs $3.69 (so an ounce costs 5.8 cents).

The type of packaging used can be the reason for the price difference between the two aforementioned options. Maybe it doesn’t seem like a huge price difference per ounce between them, but it may be something you will look out for when going to the grocery store next time, especially if you are a big orange juice fan.

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