14 Products You Shouldn’t Buy Brand New


Just like exercise equipment, you can find bikes in surprisingly good condition at great discounts. “I noticed a road bike on the side of the road one day with the trash, which is about $200 when bought brand new,” recollects Nordmann. “The reason they threw it away was because it needed a new bike chain, which we were able to replace by swapping out a chain from another used bike we had, which was about an $8 value. So even the replacement was used! My husband took the bearings apart and repacked them, just for maintenance, and then decided it could also use some new handlebars. We found replacement handlebars, used on Facebook Marketplace, for just $5. So he now has a very nice road bike, which he logs about 15 to 20 miles a day on, for just $5 and a little labor.”

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