8 Reasons Why You Need to Skip Buying These 8 Kirkland Products at Costco

Kirkland rice

Uncooked white rice is not an expensive grocery store item. So unless you really consume a lot of it, there’s not much advantage in buying it in bulk and having to store it in your pantry. Plus rice and other whole grains contain oil that attaches to the grain and could cause them to go rancid sooner, Eat This Not That reports.

Kirkland milk

The prices and quality of Kirkland milk are perfectly fine. The reason you might want to avoid buying this at Costco, however, is because of the square-shaped jugs. According to Reddit discussion boards, the unique packaging causes frequent spills and might be reason enough to buy your milk elsewhere.

Any Kirkland item you haven’t tried before

Buying in bulk is a commitment. That’s why it is better to be safe than sorry and buy small amounts to test instead of allocating money and space to large quantities of items you may not like.

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