14 Products to Avoid at Aldi

Aldi, the well know and compact German grocery store is a favorite among many Americans thanks to their pantry staples, canned goods, baking supplies and, you guessed it, low prices! It’s certainly a favorite of mine for the items I’ve just listed, but would I spend all my hard-earned money on all my groceries at Aldi?

As much as I hate to admit it, no! For starters, certain items on their shelves can be found cheaper elsewhere. There are also particular name brands that I think are of superior quality that Aldi simply can’t compete with.

That’s why today I’ve decided to put together of list of ‘Aldi fails’. Stay away from these items and purchase them from other grocery stores. You won’t regret it and you’ll immediately notice the spike in quality!


There may only be one reason anyone should buy sushi from Aldi, and that’s only if you live in a super rural area with no sushi restaurants in sight. Even then you have to think long and hard if the experience is worth it because let’s face it, what you’ll be eating is an attempt at recreating a popular Japanese dish. And a bad one at that…

While the thaw-and-serve Fusia Shrimp and Avocado Roll may only cost as little as $4,99 that’s $4,99 you’ll never get back and, trust us, it’s simply not worth it.

In fact, forget about buying frozen sushi altogether! Most Aldi fans will even admit that the food is inedible. At best, it’ll just taste bland and it’ll make you never want to eat sushi again. Does that sound like something you’d like to spend your money on?

Thank you, next!


Frugal shoppers or super savers might want to buy the absolute cheapest products they can find, but when it comes to Aldi’s cheapest coffee, we’d rather pass. At 17 cents an ounce, it’s no wonder a lot of people are willing to try out Daily Basics ground coffee. Sadly, a lot of consumers are unimpressed while one review from Coffee Coffee Coffee compared it to ‘cardboard’.

Another thing that should deter you from this purchase? Quite simply, it does not smell appetizing.

You’re better off trying Walmart’s Great Value coffee for only 20 cents an ounce. You won’t be breaking the bank with this selection either, but at least you won’t dread your morning coffee!

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