10 Things You Should Never Do at a Fancy Restaurant

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You should keep a decent volume of voice in your conversations

When you go to a fancy restaurant, you don’t have to speak as you’d normally do in the library or church, namely whispering, but you still have to keep a decent tone of voice when you have a conversation with someone.

“Don’t rattle the carefully created, the understated atmosphere of quiet cultivated by the proprietors,” says Maura Sweeney, a lifestyle expert, author, and podcaster. “‘Hey, Martha, check out this view!’ is better spoken of quietly, so you neither intrude on others’ personal space nor bring unwanted attention to yourself for never having visited a fine venue before.”


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Don’t serve yourself

In such restaurants, you don’t have to serve yourself, refill your glass, remove used cutlery, or try to dispose of waste, as these are the tasks of your server. Don’t forget that you are at a fancy restaurant and you should let people do their job properly. Moreover, in doing so, you might confuse them.

“Wait to be led to and offered a table; for your server to pull out your chair before sitting down; for your server to place a napkin on your lap before doing so yourself and for having your glass filled before you replenish it yourself,” says Sweeney. “If in doubt, hesitate before taking action.”

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