9 Rude Behavior People Think Are Polite, Thanks to Coronavirus

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You don’t prefer cash tipping

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, people prefer other methods of tipping after enjoying a service. Unfortunately, many waiters or other employees who usually receive tips are not happy that the people no longer prefer cash.  

“Instead, you should use digital currencies,” says Parker. “You won’t want for the person in front of you to have to reject the tip, especially when it is so much needed in these uncertain times.”


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You don’t hold the door for others

A few months ago, people thought that it was a nice gesture to hold someone’s door when they went to a bar, but now you can close it behind you if you want to protect yourself from germs.

“When you are not able to do a simple gesture like holding the door for someone, go through quickly,” recommends Jacquelyn Youst, president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Protocol. “Putting regular etiquette to the side doesn’t mean you’re being rude,” she explains.

This rule can apply even for people who don’t want to let others off the elevator first. “You won’t want to give the right of way to people inside the elevator as before,” says Parker. “During COVID-19, the faster we leave the premises we occupy together, the better.”

In addition, you don’t have to start a conversation in the elevator. “It is hard to speak with a mask and this might prompt [someone] to remove it even for a brief moment,” and it can be dangerous, Parker explains.

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