13 Beautiful Plants That Are Super Easy to Look After


Photo by Marharyta Kovalenko – Shutterstock.com

Weeds aren’t always bad! Take the basil plant, for example, one of the easiest plants to take care of! You can find them pretty much everywhere, whether you’d like to try your hand at growing some from seeds, purchasing a little baby basil from a nursery, or even snagging a plant with roots at the grocery store (In this case you’ll need to plot it in into the soil!).

No matter where you live, it’ll easily adapt to every condition. Plus, you’ll always have something yummy to add to your dishes, too. Even if you pluck a few leaves here and there, the basil will still grow and freshen up your home with a pleasant fragrance.

You could try a simple plastic pot for your basil or try something a little more decorative, like these ceramic planters.

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