13 Beautiful Plants That Are Super Easy to Look After


Kale plant.
Photo by BlueSky_31 – Shutterstock.com

Here’s yet another plant that doubles as a snack. If you’re feeling lazy one day and don’t feel like grocery shopping, you’ll be thankful if you have a kale plant in your garden so you can whip up a quick salad. In fact, we recommend planting Swiss chard and collard greens too, as they’re super easy to take care of and only require enough water to keep their soil moist.

Not only will kale make your garden look whimsical thanks to the weird shapes it grows once you cut a few leaves off, but it’ll be difficult for you to get rid of them, even accidentally. They have a tendency to come back full force even after you snip them away, so you never have to worry about ‘running out’ of kale!

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