13 Beautiful Plants That Are Super Easy to Look After

Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palm.
Photo by Lamyai – Shutterstock.com

You only need to worry about watering your bamboo palm frequently. Otherwise, this plant practically takes care of itself. You simply need to make sure the soil is constantly wet, so if you see it at around 50%, it’s time to add a little more moisture. Another good way to gauge whether or not it’s got enough water is to check the saucer underneath your pot. Is there water running into it? Good, your bamboo has got enough to drink!

Another great thing about this plant is that you don’t need to redecorate in order to find it a nice spot. It can tolerate all sorts of lighting, but if you want it to grow faster then direct light is your best bet. In the spring or summer time make sure to feed it some diluted fertilizer and you’re good to go!

Here’s an affordable pot that would make a great home for your bamboo palm!

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