32 Costco Bargains You’d Better Snatch Before Christmas

Samsung 10.1″ Galaxy Tab A

Here’s another great pick that only Costco members can get this holiday season. For only $200, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great alternative to the pricier iPad.

It’s great for games, watching movies, and staying productive thanks to the 10.1-inch screen. It’s got a 13-hour battery life with a single charge so you know whoever gets this gift won’t have to interrupt any of their activities for hours on end.

It comes with 128GB but a micro SD card can expand it to 512GB for more apps, photos, and videos than ever before!

Nautica Ladies’ 2-Piece Fleece Pajama Set

Nothing worse than going to bed shaking… or waking up freezing! Look after a loved woman in your life with this $16 Nautica Ladies’ 2-Piece Fleece Pajama Set. You won’t find them cheaper anywhere else, even on sale, so now’s the perfect opportunity to grab them from Costco.

The festive pattern comes in three colors, making your lady friend feel extra special this holiday season. It also comes in eight sizes up to 3XL so everyone can feel comfortable wearing them.

Nintendo eShop $50 Digital Card

The kids in your life probably want nothing more than to catch up on all the latest game releases while they’re on break from school. It’s better to let them pick their own games for the Nintendo.

Grab them a Nintendo eShop $50 Digital Card from Costco for only $45 and watch their eyes lit up like Christmas trees.

Squismallows 16″ Plush Stuffed Animals

Younger kids may not appreciate video games as much as older teens, but we’ve got a pick that’s just right for them.

For as little as $13, compared to $20 to $40 at other retailers, you could get Squismallows 16″ Plush Stuffed Animals at Costco.

OK, but why Squismallows? They’re made out of soft, stretchy fabric and stuffing that you simply can’t get your hands off once you start playing.

Sun Basket Oven-Ready Poultry Meal Kit

If you don’t want to go all out for a traditional Christmas dinner for a small gathering but still want yummy food on the table, get yourself and the guests this $90 Sun Basket Oven-Ready Poultry Meal Kit. All you have to do is throw everything in the oven and wait… wait as patiently as you can!

These eight servings cost a lot less than what you’d pay if you bought the kit from Sun Basket directly, so make the most of them while you can.

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