Tired of the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes? Try These Audacious Alternatives

If chicken is too ordinary, try quail

A special occasion such as Thanksgiving dinner might require a bit more select meat than the ordinary chicken. Enter the tender, juicy and little bit more flavorful quail. It can be prepared on the barbeque, baked, fried, or stewed; you name it. Throw in some sausages or vegetables and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal in as little as twenty minutes. And if you really want to splurge, consider some quail eggs as well.

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Forget about the cans of cranberry

What is this gelatinous, artificially sweetened, can-shaped sauce? Is it a culinary wonder or an abomination tarnishing the cranberry’s reputation? Let me tell you what it is: it’s America’s most wildly popular Thanksgiving sauce (if you can call it that).

Making your own cranberry sauce is much healthier but people can’t seem to stop buying the jellied log. “What’s interesting about cranberry sauce is that three-quarters of Americans use store-bought sauce for their Thanksgiving,” says Kellyanne Dignan, director of global affairs for Ocean Spray. “It really is the only thing on the table that the majority of people don’t just buy but want to buy.” Want to try some alternatives to this controversial dessert?

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