Tired of the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes? Try These Audacious Alternatives

Try mayo’s more sophisticated version

Since we’re on the subject of birds, side dishes, condiments and whatnot, how about you try something else instead of mayonnaise to dip your food into, this Thanksgiving. You can go for the more sophisticated and healthier but equally delicious homemade aioli, the garlic edition. The best part is that you can “customize” it with spices, fresh herbs, or a touch of citrus, to match your taste and preferences.

Use your imagination with other fruits

If aioli means going a little overboard, there is still hope to serve some fruit at the Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a brilliant idea: why not prepare your own fruit preserves and serve alongside cold cuts or cheese?

Don’t feel bad for replacing the cranberry sauce, after all, it’s a little acidic and tart. You could replace it with pear butter or a flavorful apple chutney and impress your dinner guests with your creativity. They can both be served alongside poultry and later used with toast.

Speaking of dinner guests, you know that this year we all have to keep it lighter, right? With all the social distancing and safety rules we have to follow, here are 8 Ways You Can Safely Celebrate Thanksgiving During the Pandemic.

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