Tired of the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes? Try These Audacious Alternatives

Serve up everyone’s favorite dish

Why complicate matters and go for all sorts of intricate recipes when you could just serve something that everybody loves? Yes, I’m talking about French fries! Despite being called after another country, French fries are one of the United States’ most iconic and popular dishes. Prove me wrong!

The best thing about French fries is that they are also easy to make, besides being absolutely delicious. to make sure your French fries are the talk of the Thanksgiving dinner, use paper grocery bags instead of paper towels to drain the fries. It will help you keep them crispy after frying. When it comes to sauces that go well with French fries, sky’s the limit. From the universal ketchup to the more unconventional chutney, you have plenty of options to choose from, depending on what you like.

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Take a break from the green vegetable casserole

From the classic green beans to the Brussels sprouts, squash and cauliflower, we’ve all served or received our fair share of green veggies casseroles for Thanksgiving. I think it’s time we broke the pattern a little bit.

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