Tired of the Classic Thanksgiving Dishes? Try These Audacious Alternatives

Kale reloaded

There’s more to kale than meets the eye. Its leaves have bold flavors that go from peppery to pleasantly bitter, just perfect for a spicy slaw to complement other dishes on the Thanksgiving table. Here’s something else to do with your kale: Shake It Up! This Kale Smoothie Is Great For This Fall.

Smoky greens

Here’s another way to bring the boring greens back to life: add wok hei. Haven’t heard of it? Translated into English, wok hei means ‘wok thermal radiation’ or, more poetically, the ‘breath of the wok’, as coined by American Chinese food writer Grace Young in her book “The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen: Classic Family Recipes for Celebration and Healing”. “Wok hei is not simply hot food; it’s that elusive seared taste that only lasts for a minute or two,” wrote Young.

The wok hei’s steaming aroma you breathe in and the almost-burning sensation you taste go hand in hand with fried rice and fried beef noodles.

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