11 Rudest Shopping Habits You Need to Break Right Now

Insisting to get inside an overcrowded store

Waiting on a long line outside to get inside a store is not the best part of anyone’s day. But neither is trying to get inside an overcrowded store, or just crowded, for that matter, amid a global pandemic. Even worse, starting a dispute with the one responsible for managing the queue will not ensure you a fast ticket to “Groceryland”.

“Don’t yell at store clerks who are responsible for crowd control because they’re only trying to do their job by protecting you, other shoppers, and staff,” says Tsai. Also, check out these 10 Health Risks You Need to Stop Taking Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Wearing your mask wrong

We all know that masks can become unpleasant and uncomfortable, especially after wearing time for long periods of time. But, come on, how hard can it be to wear them right whenever you are outside your home? No pulling it to one side, putting it beneath the nose or resting it on the chin and definitely not turning into an earring. If you’re not wearing it properly, to cover your mouth and your nose, then, in addition to being rude, it’s completely pointless in terms of virus transmission. You might think you are not sick “but you don’t know if you are carrying germs that can be passed to someone who is immunocompromised or someone who shares a household with someone who is immunocompromised,” says Tsai.

Apart from jeopardizing other people’s health, you might also jeopardize your chances of getting inside a store for not wearing your mask properly. Stores are privately-owned businesses and can deny you access inside or kick you out faster than you could say “coronavirus”.

On that note, check out these 7 Most Common Face Mask Mistakes You’re Probably Making.

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